You hire a new employee,
yet move a
family father daughter friend sister colleague mother son

Integration is important

COMPA gives us peace at heart

CASE: Our customer is experiencing an explosive growth this year and hence is looking to hire a number of international specialists.

They are busy hiring new employees and making sure that their new colleagues experience a positive beginning in their new home country. The families must be integrated and a continuous number of new tasks must be solved.

”COMPA gives us peace at heart. They handle all hands-on elements in order for us to put our entire focus towards our new employee and accompanying family”

We serve as the right hand of our customer and all we need in order to carry out the job is the name and email address of the new employee. From then on, we handle all paperwork related to work permits, the Central Personal Registry (CPR), bank account, tax registry and tax return, housing, kindergarden and all other relevant elements to help the family get settled with their document safety.

10 things

You must ensure when you hire
an employee for work from abroad

If you want to become successful when hiring employees from abroad, it is important that the entire life-cycle around the employees is optimum and that the legal aspects are handled. In return, your employees will feel safe and ready to take on his/her new tasks and job. 10 things you must ensure when you hire employees from abroad:

It may be a challenge to navigate the Danish immigration system considering the diverse requirements of information related to the employees’ educational degree, type of work and structure of salary. The company is entirely responsible that the employees hold a valid work and residence permit.

In addition, it is a requirement by law that the employees have access to receiving digital information via “MitID” and are enrolled into the Civil Personal Registry (CPR).

Apart from ensuring the legal documentation, your new employees from abroad are also obliged to pay taxes. The Danish tax system can be complicated to maneuver and the consequences will be fatal in regards to excessive tax payments for your employees if they have not been enrolled correctly to the tax platform. Our tax experts are duly updated on the comprehensive, Danish tax system and they will ensure correct taxation for your employees as well as avoidance of potential excessive tax payments.

Home is our base and where we recharge our batteries – that applies to your employees too, as well as to their families.

In addition to ensuring recharged batteries, the base is also a driver for an abundant access to sparetime activities such as football practice and swimming classes, a daycare set-up for little sister and vaccination of the family pets. We’re engaged in strong networks and have access to supporting your employees and their families in finding proper accommodation – for short as well as long term stays. At COMPA it is pure logic that we handle the families’ needs entirely and 360 degrees.

To arrive in a new country and culture can be very challenging to the employees as well as the hiring company.

A successful stay for the employees – and even an extension of contract – all depends on how well the employees are integrated.

We will help you find the right match of language providers and cultural training programs as well as clarify a potential need for international schooling for the children.

10 things

You must ensure when you assign an employee for work abroad

We will ensure that you become successful with:

By itself, it may be quite a piece of work to start a new job, meeting new colleagues and enter new codes of conduct. Now imagine, in addition, becoming familiar with a new culture as well as handling formal, legal documents. COMPA will support your employee so that he/she may focus entirely on the new tasks in front of him/her and the family wellbeing.

Landing in a new daily life outside of ones Home Country involves enormous cultural experience as well as new friends which is a radical change for the entire family. A successful secondment does not only affect the family positively but also the company. In many cases, families wish to stay abroad for a longer period of time or they feel encouraged to try out a transfer to another country where the company may benefit from the resources of their employee.  

COMPA is ready to support your employee prior to, during and in the aftermath of a secondment – and we hold a rather high success score.

We are by your side

- when your Global Mobility System needs urgent care

- When your Global Mobility system does not work to its utmost

We’ve got your back with eg:

In short terms, we will help you fix what is no longer working to help you regain an overview of your Global Mobility tasklist and settle your worries when it comes to handling your international workforce

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